N The Art Space is a three-building, 14,000-square-foot artist studio and arts education complex that supports over 40 local working artists in private studio spaces in the heart of Bocage. Created in 2005 to fill the need for private local studio space, this professional environment helps define art as a small business providing private secure studio space, art educational space and support businesses in the heart of Baton Rouge. N the art space turns 19 this year and continues its forward momentum through awareness and support. Owner Mark Biletnikoff, a Louisiana native, has been creating and supporting local art for over 20 years. He is behind the drive to expand creative expression in our community. We are also home to businesses that support and add better health to our artist residents through marketing, yoga, massage and wellness.  A Louisiana State Certified Cultural District, Bocage, we are part of a compact cultural hub of art studios, galleries, artisan jewelers and businesses that support the arts. N hosts up to three open studio events each year. In addition to individual open studio, art markets and daily creative business operation, We continue to incubate and grow creative expression from the artist up. This encouragement and  growth exists on a daily basis. N the art space always supports the sale of local original arts and crafts directly from the artist.  It is our policy to also include local aritst's from the region in our events free of charge to help ensure creativity and cultural entrepreneurship flourishes. We are also happy to connect patrons to work they may be interested in purchasing for their home or business. 100% of all art sales at N the art space goes directly to and is handled by the artists.

Any artist interested in learning more about our spaces can contact us through this website or directly at:

Info@Ntheartspace.net or voicemail: 1.225.324.8936