N the art space is happy to advertise local businesses in our buildings, on our website, highlight you on our social media or all of the above. We are always open to discuss how you can show your support for local art by announcing it with us during our events or on a rolling basis.  Monjunis Italian Cafe & Grocery  sponsored the band at our recent event.   Space is also available for business ads in our halls during events and booths with local products. We love to interact with our community. The funds from our advertising helps fund many initiatives and artists programs we have in the pipeline. Businesses can even sponsor artists by helping subsidize their rent for a month or anything in between. Our devoted artists work extremely hard and we are proud to offer ways to help them succeed. If you have an idea we are happy to listen how it can help you and N the art space grow a relationship.

Thanks Monjunis for your support of the arts! click the logo to learn more.

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